Adam Leitman Bailey will donate all proceeds from his children's book to Building Foundations and Dreams to support children in the community
Passionate about education, Adam Leitman Bailey reads to first and second-grade classes on National Read Across America Day and funds each student buying a book of their choice.
The Texas Librarian reviews and recommends HOME as a read aloud for grades 2-5 for a discussion about homes
Thank You Letters & Photos for Adam Leitman Bailey’s New Children’s Book, HOME
"This is a sweet picture book and a great conversation starter with your kids to talk about homes, how others live and helps them see what the real meaning of family is, and shows that home is where your heart is."
"A nice story that provides a message most adults have yet to learn. The author chose wording that would be easy to understand and also creates a way for parents to have a discussion afterwards if wanted, to further discuss the thoughts of your little one."
Goodreads Reviews
"I think parents and kids would enjoy reading this simple story around bedtime. The illustrations are peaceful and pretty, in the same style as on the cover, and the book on the whole is a nice, pleasant bedtime story."
"The story is an easy read for young children and the illustrations throughout the book are adorable, beautifully done. This is one book that BOTH of my children can enjoy…a good combination of a picture book with enough of a story line to interest my 9 1/2 year old."
Adam Leitman Bailey Visits Birch Family Services, QECC To Read His Children’s Book ‘Home’ To Students
Adam Leitman Bailey Visits Woodward Park Elementary School To Read His Children's Book 'Home' To Students
"Pleasant, thoughtful, delightfully illustrated, and a thoroughly 'kid-friendly' read from beginning to end..."
"HOME will be every child’s first real estate book and will introduce the readers to homes all around the world. It takes children on an adventure so they can discover what each home has to offer."
Amazon Reviews

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